Project Views

Project Proposal

Ground floor plan

Project Highlights

Size < 10% of WPC, < 4% of the Westside
Existing Rent-Controlled Units 160 units
Proposed Units 550 units (29%
Net New Units 389 units
Existing Parking 155 (off-street)
52 (on street)
Proposed Parking 570 (off-street)
72 (on street)

Project Proposal

Typical upper floor plan

Diversity of Unit Types

Our proposed unit mix would increase the variety of
housing options available in the neighborhood

Unit Type Current Proposed
Studio 33% 4%
1 bedroom 64% 62%
2 bedrooms 2% 33%
3-4 bedrooms 1% <1%

Parking and Getting Around

What we heard:
Tenants and neighbors often find traffic and parking challenging, and alternate transit options tend to be limited and often not convenient.


What we’re proposing:

  • Worked with City to perform full traffic study as part of an Environmental Impact Report
  • Will implement a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan with a variety of transportation options
  • Working with local agencies to improve transit options and include a new bus stop on site
  • Making it easier and safer to walk and bike through better street design and amenities
  • Seeking parking agreements with local property owners that have surplus parking
  • Increase off-street with a central garage, and increase on-street parking in partnership with the City

Neighborhood Parks and Community Spaces + Retail

What we heard:
The neighborhood needs more public spaces, including a park that can host a wide variety of activities from kids’ play area and fitness space to a place for tenants to hold parties. There’s also a desire for more neighborhood-serving retail.


What we’re proposing:

  • Including a neighborhood park as part of the Euclid Improvements
  • Providing additional multiple use public spaces to allow for spaces to be used for a greater variety of activities at different times
  • Providing flexible and appropriately sized spaces for both community and retail activities
  • Designing the community space that opens out on the park to provide greater access
  • Include neighborhood-serving retail space, with locally focused options like a convenience store, cafe, clinic or pharmacy